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Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Teqball

about us

Teqball is a new sport equipment and a new sport based on football. The Founders has created a sport which can be played anytime and anywhere, indoor & outdoor, regardless of age and gender.

The Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Teqball (FLTEQ) has been forming for a few years, in order to increase the knowledge and the popularity of teqball in Luxembourg.

About teqball

Teqball is played on a specially-curved table (the Teq table) which takes place between the opponent players. The sport was created in Hungary in 2012 and is a truly gender-equitable game, as the rules define that teqball shall be played between two (singles) or four players (doubles), regardless of gender.

Teqball has a points-based scoring format and can be played on various surfaces such as sand, acrylic or indoors. It allows players a maximum of three touches before returning the ball to the opponent.

Teqball is a movement